Harini Krishnamurthy

Photographer, Visual Artist, Coder

I have long been an analog photographer who shoots film and makes prints in the traditional darkroom. The community darkroom has been my sanctuary and the place where my creativity has always flourished. The pandemic changed all of this, forcing me to reconsider my creative processes. Having to stay home and adapt to the new realities of life, I started to get outdoors more and explore areas closer to home that I had never really paid attention to before. I realized anew how lucky I was to live close to nature and experience the meditative tranquillity of the parks near my home. They served to ground me, amidst all the other chaos and uncertainty. They also inspired me to alter my artistic practice and find ways to create, while staying true to my analog roots. This is an ongoing series of lumen prints that are made at home using plant material that I gather on walks around my neighborhood. Each unique print is made by placing plant material on expired silver gelatin paper and exposing it to sunlight.

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